“The shortest distance between two people is a story.” – Patti Digh

Skye Deer

You found us – Hello and Welcome! We are Hazel and Ailsa, a photography duo. Old friends from school who lost touch, but fell back in to each other’s lives through a shared obsession with capturing life as it happens. We are passionate, creative dreamers with our heads in the clouds but our feet firmly on the ground. We love our planet; we love nature and adventure. Almost accidentally, we discovered that when working together, we enter a zone where energetic creativity happens. Excuse the cliche, but quite literally – we clicked!  We both get a buzz when we see light spilling through a window, or an old crumbling ruin, a lazy sunset or a dreamy field. Combine that with a gathering of people brought together to celebrate, and we’re basically in our photographic heaven. We love it, and we want to be there to capture your tribe! We notice things; a mischievous moment from the little cousin, the glint in the eye of the matriarch, the surreal after-hours dancing and all of the laughter as it moves around the room in ripples. We totally thrive of this stuff! We care about sustainability, and about authenticity and connection. All of our life experiences (the joys, and the struggles) shape us, and this inevitably comes through in our work. Now, a little about each of us:

Hazel – Summer evening rambles through the fields with my two small people /// Russian hot chocolate /// Well worn docs /// Dancing till it hurts /// Rocket leaf salad /// My tribe /// Firefly /// Red wine /// Comfy cotton socks /// Jokes I make up myself that no-one else finds funny but I laugh so hard that I almost pull a muscle /// Feeling understood /// My bed /// Logic and reason /// Smashing taboos /// The sound of someone playing the piano as I fall asleep /// Captain Janeway /// Insulin /// Equality /// Thinking my head in to knots /// Science /// The smell of a new place when you step off the bus/train/plane /// Reading neurosurgeons’ autobiographies /// Art for healing /// Polaroids.

Ailsa – Sparkly things /// Old Volkswagens /// Peeling walls /// Bright colours /// The sound of silence when my kids finally go to sleep ///  Turquoise /// Family /// True friends /// Creating /// Being outside /// Water /// Beaches /// Windy days /// The military /// Good coffee /// Travel /// Laughing til I cry /// Tattoos /// Tins /// Cheeseburgers /// Flower crowns /// Bees /// Old stuff /// Things made of wood /// Also polaroids.


“Just seen the pictures…absolutely fabulous!! Thank you so much! You both make such a fabulous team and are both so super super talented!  So pleased we had you there, it would not have been the same without you both”



Lynn & Adi

Firinn Photography – drawing truth, with light. 

Firinn  –  Gender: feminine; Type: noun; truth { noun }, That which conforms to reality.

Photography  –  genitive of φῶς (phōs), “light” and γραφή (graphé) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”, together meaning “drawing with light”.


Side-splitting laughter