In our last blog post we gave you a taster of what we do, by sharing a narrative set of wedding images from Jenny and Guy’s beautiful wedding weekend, from start to finish. Today, we thought it was about time that we shared a little bit about us! We were born a week apart, went to school together and we are now apparently grownups although we both retain a childish streak. We are excitable, creative dreamers who throw so much passion in to all of the imagery that we create. Life has taken us on unexpected paths this year, which has given us a fresh determination to embrace everything life throws our way, and inspired us to make the most of every opportunity. We’ve leaned on each other through some hard times, and now we are both emerging stronger than before. It’s been insightful and invaluable to be able to share stories of things that have helped, and we’ve found ourselves on a quest to explore many diverse avenues to stay on top of good health, both mental and physical. This fine October morning, that quest took us to a very chilly lake. We’d read about the many benefits to cold-water swimming, and today felt like the perfect time for a dip in the wild. Chilly, but exhilarating!

Ailsa and Hazel x x

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